Articles submitted for consideration for publication in JHS should be sent to the General Editor in electronic form, preferably as attachments and in MS-Word format. If possible, please attach also a pdf version of the text. Presentation of a hard copy of the article is optional. Submissions should include a short abstract of the article.

Please note the following:

Please note the en-dash between the numbers (e.g., 93–111).



Authors of accepted manuscripts assign to the JOURNAL OF HEBREW SCRIPTURES the right to publish the text both electronically and in any other format and to make it available permanently in an electronic archive.

Authors may re-publish their articles, provided that they acknowledge in subsequent publications that the article was first published in the JOURNAL OF HEBREW SCRIPTURES and provide full bibliographic references to the article in JHS.

Authors must download a copy of the publication agreement (just click here), fill and sign it and then send to the JOURNAL OF HEBREW SCRIPTURES. By sending the publication agreement, the author accepts the proofs s/he has received. A scanned copy sent via e-mail to the general editor is acceptable.

Authors are, and will always be SOLELY responsible for the contents of their articles