Covenant in the Persian Period

Edited by Steven Schweitzer


  • Steven Schweitzer Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Thomas B. Dozeman United Theological Seminary
  • Sean Burt North Dakota State University
  • Melody D. Knowles Virginia Theological Seminary
  • Thomas Römer Collège de France (UMR 7192), University of Lausanne, University of Pretoria
  • Richard J. Bautch St. Edwards University
  • Gary N. Knoppers University of Notre Dame



The recent publication, Covenant in the Persian Period: From Genesis to Chronicles, edited by Richard J. Bautch and Gary N. Knoppers (Eisenbrauns, 2015), contains 22 essays on the topic of covenant within various Hebrew Bible texts. The six articles published here reflect interactions in a review session of the SBL Chronicles–Ezra–Nehemiah Section in November 2016. The essays were distributed among four reviewers (Thomas Dozeman, Sean Burt, Melody Knowles, and Thomas Römer). The two editors offered responses. The scope of this engagement enhances the value of the volume for those working on covenant and on these texts.




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Schweitzer, S., Dozeman, T. B., Burt, S., Knowles, M. D., Römer, T., Bautch, R. J., & Knoppers, G. N. (2018). Covenant in the Persian Period: Edited by Steven Schweitzer. The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 18.